Khairulummah <p>Khairulumma having ISSN No (2790-329x) is the trilingual (English, Urdu, Arabic) biannual research journal of Islamic Studies, which publishes papers in the field of Islamic Studies and Arabic having the features of creativeness and enquiry; however, it encourages the papers dealing with the Socio-Religious issues.</p> Department of Research Jamia Ahsan-ul-Uloom Peshawar en-US Khairulummah 2790-3281 حسین بن منصور حلاج اور ان کی صوفیانہ تعلیمات کا علمی وتحقیقی جائزہ <p><em>A Sufi poet, teacher and philosopher, Hallaj was executed on the orders of an Abbasside caliph for uttering these words, taken to mean Hallaj as claiming himself to be God.&nbsp;After more than a decade of imprisonment, Hallaj was eventually executed publically in Baghdad in the year 922.He is seen by many as a revolutionary writer and teacher of his time, when practices of mysticism were not meant to be shared publically. Yet he remains a controversial figure, revered by Rumi, hated by many, he was labeled an intoxicated Sufi and is still read today. After his arrest in S</em><em>ū</em><em>s and a lengthy period of confinement (c. 911</em><em>–</em><em>922) in Baghdad, al-</em><em>Ḥ</em><em>all</em><em>ā</em><em>j was eventually crucified and brutally tortured to death. A large crowd witnessed his execution. He is remembered to have endured gruesome torture calmly and courageously and to have uttered words of forgiveness for his accusers. In a sense, the Isl</em><em>ā</em><em>mic community (ummah) had put itself on trial, for al-</em><em>Ḥ</em><em>all</em><em>ā</em><em>j left behind revered writings and supporters who courageously affirmed his teachings and his experience. In subsequent Isl</em><em>ā</em><em>mic history, therefore, the life and thought of al-</em><em>Ḥ</em><em>all</em><em>ā</em><em>j has been a subject seldom ignored.Here we get a realistic overview about him and his teachings.</em></p> Haris Ullah Dr.Zafar Hussain Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 1 7 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.1 تصوف کی حقیقت اور اس پرہونے والے چند اعتراضات کاعلمی جائزہ <p><em>Mysticism is the practice of religious ecstasies, together with whatever ideologies, ethics, rights, legends, and magic may be related to may also refer to the attainment of insight in ultimate or hidden truth, and to human transformation supported by various practices and experiences.</em></p> <p><em>Sufism also known as Tasawwuf variously defined as Islamic mysticism. The inward dimension of Islam is mysticism in Islam characterized by particular values, ritual practices, doctrines and institutions which began very early in Islamic history and represents "the main manifestation and the most important and central crystallization of mystical practice in Islam. Practitioners of Sufism have been referred to as "Sufis".</em></p> <p><em>Sufis have been characterized by their asceticism, especially by their attachment to dhikr, the practice of remembrance of god, often performed after prayers.</em></p> <p><em>This article describes of the reality and fact of mysticism, its verbal and literal meanings, and its historical background and also describes its regional division and causes of also analyses of the objections and its answers of which occurred on it.</em></p> Shafqat Ullah Dr usma anser Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 8 21 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.2 امام جلال الدین السیوطی رحمہ اللہ کی زندگی اورعلم تصوف میں خدمات <p>The Almighty Allah has sent many intellectual and pious people after the Last Prophet and Messenger Allah Subhan-o-Tala for the security of Den-e-Islam. They not noly Protect Deen-e-Islam from the foreign imovation but take their roles in its world over spreading. One among these prestigious personalities and intellectual is Jalal Ud Din Asoyothi (849-911). He was a multi sided personality. At the same time he was a great scholar, Author, Reviewer and genius intellectual among his friends. You are the author of approximately 700 books. He has touched my aspect of life in written works. While having such a busy and prestigious life of honesty, truthfulness, rejecting the materialistic life having a heart for the spiritual life. He started to leads the life of mysticism and till death did not leave the life of mystics persons. In this mystic’s life he has written and review many books. Due to this mysticism he was serves the humanity and protect Deen-e-Islam from the false beliefs. In this research paper some of the aspect of mysticism in the light of his research works has been discussed.</p> Muhammad Ayaz Muhammad Salman Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 22 30 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.4 تصوف میں تزکیہ نفس کی ضرورت واہمیت قرآن وحدیث کی روشنی میں <p>This article elaborates the essence and value of Tazkia. The importance of Tazkia (The purification of Soul) may be known from the fact that Allah Ta,ala in the Holy Quran, emphasizedit with seven oaths and said: (He has succeeded who purifies it). Moreover, all the prophets (Peace be upon them) invited the people towards the same thing (The purification of Soul). For example, Moses told Pharaoh:&nbsp; (Would you (be willing to) purify yourself?).</p> <p>Allah said in the Holy Quran, regarding the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him): (2(It is He who has sent among the unlettered a Messenger from themselves reciting to them His verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom although they were before in clear error).</p> <p>The purification of Soul (Tazkia) is the source of high degrees and perpetual blessings. The Holy Quran clarifies: But whoever comes to Him as a believer having done righteous deeds, for those will be the highest degrees. Gardens of perpetual residence beneath which river flow, wherein they abide eternally, and that is the reward of one who purifies himself.)</p> <p>The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also would pray: (O my God: give my soul righteousness and purify it, because You are the best one who can purify it, You are its Protector and Lord.</p> hazratullah Afifa Rashid Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 31 38 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.5 فتح مکہ میں آنحضرت ﷺکا سیاسی کردار <p>The conquest of Makkah is an extraordinary and unprecedented event of the Muslim history in which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) demonstrated his political discernment and strategy that Islam is an unassailable entity that can never be eradicated. Your democratic engagement in the conquest of Makkah facilitated the establishment of a government of peace and reconciliation in Arabia, which led the Arabs to grow submissive to the Sharia. They all became Muslims as a consequence of your political participation; hence, Makkah's government was then altered and structured accordingly with Islamic principles.</p> <p>The political role of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the conquest of Makkah has been addressed in this article. The methodology chosen to go ahead with this piece was astounding. However, the challenge faced during the research was: Muslims in the modern age encounter a slew of political issues. And as a result, Politicians, if they try, can overcome their challenges by remembering the Holy Prophet's (PBUH) political involvement in the Conquest of Makkah.</p> <p><strong>Keywords:</strong> The Holy Prophet (PBUH), political problems , The Conquest of Makkah, Modern era.</p> Tahira Batool Zeshan Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 39 52 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.6 تشکیل معاشرہ میں تصوف کی بنیاد اخلاق حسنہ کا کردارایک تحقیقی مطالعہ <p>Almighty sent his chosen prophets to every Ummah to teach them the lesson of goodness and to avoid evil. The purposes of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) were reform processes: to teach and guide, and pushed the people to Almighty Allah. According to the narrative in Islamic law, everyone's either Muslim or non-Muslim, relative or/neighbor has determined the right to live things. And good conduct is that because Abdullah bin Mubarak said That is, "Meeting old habits, doing righteousness, and forbidding people to hurt you". If human behavior is good then its own life will also pass through fortune and joy, and it will also be the mercy and chain of things for others. Collective relations, interacting with the recipients, and the Family system, is proven to be a source of intelligence. The result of the happy moral is Reality and Heaven of Arman al-Rahman, and the fulfillment of the Prophecy is the wrath of Lord Koran and the Fire of Hell.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Muhamad Tahir Ashfaq Ali Mubashir Ahmad Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 53 68 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.7 اسلامی بینکوں میں رائج مرابحہ للآمر بالشراء میں عقدِ وکالت کی تطبیق: ایک جائزہ <p>The graph of development of Islamic Banking system is increasing day by day. It deals only those transaction which are not conflict with Shari'ah. Therefor the procedure of transaction of Islamic Banking is completely different from the conventional Banking system. Murābaha (Cost plus sale) or Murābaha li al-Āamir be al-Shēraá. (Cost plus sale for the purchase orderer) is a well-known financing mood. In this mood of financing, the Islamic bank bound to buy the required goods to the orderer and to sells him at higher price than the purchase price. Islamic Banks occasionally appoints an agent to buy the goods. Sometime the Islamic Banks appoints the purchase ordere himself as an agent. In this case, the contract of Murabaha and the contract of agency should not be related to each other.</p> <p>When the purchase orderer buys the goods as an agent, he will inform the Bank of his purchase, and the possession of the agent will be considered as the possession of the Bank. In this way, both contracts Murābaha and Wakālah are not related to each other. After this, the Bank will offer to sell him (purchase orderer) the goods and then he will accept the offer.</p> Muhammad Shuaib Khan Zeshan Zareef Khan Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 69 80 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.8 الاختلاف في التفسيرحقيقته وأنواعه دراسة تحليلية نظرية <p>Allah revealed the Noble Qur'an To His prophet (PBUH) and that is an evidence for the truthfulness of his prophet hood .Allah make a special sequence in this book and he taken the responsibility of its protection, there are scholar whom devoted their lives for the understanding and explanation of the meaning of this Noble book, So All of these Scholar’s explained the verses of Qur'an by their vision, level of understanding, thinking and keeping in view the demands of the place and time. That is the reason that we are finding their different views in the interpretation of Qur'an.</p> <p>In this Article discussed these types of differences and its kinds that we may understand the reality of these various opinions in Tafseer. That these are just the differences in words or there is contradiction in real in their views?</p> Hafiz Muhammad Asim Shakeel Ahmad Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 81 93 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.9 Review of the Jihadi and Mystical Services of Maulana Muhammad Shoaib Tordheri <p>Allah has promised to protect Islam. That is why Allah created scholars and Sufis in different periods that served Islam and preached Islam. The preaching and propagation of Islam in India is due to these Sufis. They left their territories and came to India. One of these scholars and Sufis is Maulana Muhammad Shoaib Tordheri, known as Shaikh Sahib. He was the Shaikh of Moulana Abdul Ghafoor (Swat Babaji), that is the most famous Sufi in Swat Khyber Pakhtonkhwa and Shaikh of the Moulana Abdul Rahim Saharan Puri.&nbsp; Moulana Muhammad Shoaib was not a scholar and sufi, he was also a mujahid. He was martyred while fighting against the Sikhs in 1823 A.D. He wrote a book about Sufism. In his book he wrote about seeratul Nabi and companion of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. After that he discussed circumstances and sayings of Sufis of the all four series (Naqshbandia, Qadria, Cheshtia and Saharwardia) of Sufism. He also described the attributes of the perfect Peer.</p> zia ullah jadoon Rooh ullah Afifa Rashid Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 1 7 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.10 Sufism and Personality Development <p>Personality development is the process of improvement in behaviors and attitudes to make an individual a unique person. Sufism brings about positive changes in the behaviors of individuals. The positive changes are brought through moral development within&nbsp;&nbsp; inductive environment griped by building of character. Moral development guides through “Zuhud” and “Taqwa” for minimization of material luxuries, enhancement of repentance and self-purification. The purpose of moral development is achieved with an institution articulated with teacher-student (Murshid-Murid) relationships; this environment ensures the provision of guidance and scholarships for the engaged students. The engagement of students revolves around knowledge, awareness and behavior. In the dimension of knowledge students are helped with raising moral and spiritual awarenessto enhance firmness in faith and encouragement towards good deeds. In addition, behavioral (amal) dimension is covered with remembrance of Allah, optional prayers, fasting services, alms giving along with obligatory ones. All these behavioral deeds are performed with devotion for the sake of closeness “Taqarrub” to Allah. Finally, ma’rifat (Recognition) is applied to secure soundness in building of character.</p> Ubaid ur Rehman Dr.Zafar Hussain Alamgeer Khan Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 8 16 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.11 An Eco-critical Reading of William Wordsworth's Poetry and Pantheistic Strains in his Poetry <p>The relation between people and environment has long been documented through literary works. Edward white gives the example of Adam and Eve journey through the Garden of Eden in the Bible and Odyssey dangerous trek across the Mediterranean Sea in Homer’s Odyssey as early literary examples in which human path cross the nature and interact with the beauty of nature.</p> Hafiz Javed ur Rehman Syed Naeem Badshah Copyright (c) 2021 Khairulumma 2021-12-25 2021-12-25 1 01 17 21 10.46896/khairulumma.v1i01.12